With an engaging and inspirational speaking style, Kelly McCann’s knowledge and openness about her own experiences as a wife, mother, and therapist, makes her a popular speaker for women’s and mother’s groups.

Some popular speaking topics include:

Parenting with Intention: Raising Resilient Children

Be Here Now: The Importance of Being Present With You Child

Who Am I Now? Surrendering to Motherhood Without Losing Yourself

How to Traumatize Your Children: What to Do if You Want Your Child in Therapy Someday ( this is an ironic title, but interesting way of presenting pitfalls of parenting that often lead people to seek therapy later in life ).

We Need Each Other: Building and Strengthening Your Female Relationships

The Myth of the Perfect Marriage- Embracing and Thriving in the Relationship You Have

Make The Connection: Staying Connected to Your Children, Your Partner, and Yourself

It Takes A Village: The Importance of Community and How to Create More in Your Lives

* Kelly can tailor topics to meet the specific needs of your group.

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